LG TV compatible with wireless keyboard and mouse

Some Info

I have a new LG 43UK6500MLA TV. I noticed in the Settings/General/LG Wireless Keyboard.
It is said that the TV supports a special LG wireless keyboard (probably without USB dongle), so you can type in text fields, because using the remote is slow (mine is simple, not "magic remote" with microphone and speech recognition).

But I recently bought LOGITECH MK345 which is a wireless keyboard AND a mouse with a single USB adapter. I was curious what will happen if I plug it in.

Well - this message appears, and both the keyboard and the mouse work pretty well.
In my opinion they help best in the Web browser!
I guess WebOS is pretty good!



VLC Player, modify Lua web interface to enqueue YouTube links


VLC Player has a neat Lua Web interface, which can do a lot of things including making streams and transfer video to you browser, and so on.
However the "Open Media" button browses only the local folders, and can't add URL links.
That is a shame, because VLC player itself has such functionality -> Media/Open Network Stream.

It doesn't matter the format, it automatically recognizes every link, and how to interpret it.


So I decided to mod the Media Browser a little bit. Here is how it looks like:

I added an URL input field, and a PlayURL button (enqueue & play). Works like a charm.
I am using encodeURIComponent() function in my code, because using the standard encodeURI() does not work with normal YouTube URLs, only the short ones!
Tested this file both on Linux and Windows - it is OK.

Then replace the original browse_window.html in:
Windows - C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\http\dialogs
Linux - /usr/share/vlc/lua/http/dialogs

More Notes:

In VLC 2.2.6 - it works fine even youtube picture appears in the player
In VLC 3.0.1 / 3.0.2 - it works crappy long codes appear in the title and overlay your controls sometimes. VideoLan has to fix it, I guess it was not tested.

If you cannot play youtube links and get some strange errors perhaps your youtube.lua file is old.
Get the newest one from here:

And replace it in your:
Windows - C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist
Linux - /usr/share/vlc/lua/playlist

/rename or delete your original youtube.luac file/

Happy playing! \m/


Downgrade Android on Google Nexus 2012, 3G! Short info


I have an old tablet - Asus Google Nexus 7 (2012) with 3G.
You can find some more specs. here - https://www.gsmarena.com/asus_google_nexus_7_cellular-5091.php

After receiving the last Android update the tablet became very unresponsive and slow. The battery drains for a day with no reason. I tried a lot of software to find out the reasons for that behavior, but without any success.
Over the internet I found a lot of users, actually all of them experience the same problem, and could not find any solution. The only way to fix it was to put the last 4* Android version - 4.4.4.
I thought I want to give it a try to see what will happen, because it is a shame such a nice device, with descent hardware, well made to be thrown to the garbage, just because it is not compatible with some software!!!!


All in all I followed this guy guide, without major issues:

It is difficult to say how nicely surprised was I, to find out that I have my old tablet back to business!!
It really worked fine again, no lag, responsive, my apps were OK, and they get updates. Amazing! The only problem was the nasty software update notification, which I could not remove. It wants me to install the sluggish Android again!? No! Never again! Not on this device!

Another amazing thing - the battery! After struggling for several years with many charge/discharge cycles, I though it was a goner.... Well it works like new!! For a week it drained only 50%!!!!! Of course it was without 3G and WiFi, but I updated my apps twice, and watched an YouTube clip.



Groov-e motion headphones - my expirience

It was not easy to find behind the year Bluetooth headphones. I could not find many models, and finally bought these.

They are very good headphones, very nice sound quality, comfortable and easy to use, very compact. The biggest problem however is that they are very easy to break - survived only a few weeks. I tried to use hot glue on them and it did its job, for a very long time, and they were even more comfortable.

Finally they broke again and I think this time a wire is damaged. So my advice - if you have them - strengthen them somehow, before they break. I would sand the plastic parts, clean them, and apply hot glue. Then paint it black if possible.

Here is my short list of pros and cons:


  • Very nice sound quality
  • Compact, easy to fold
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to use - one big button to play/pause, and a small lever for next/prev song and volume
  • Long battery life - I charged them every Friday, never run out of juice (~1h/day use)
  • ~Reasonable price
  • Very nice packaging

  • Easy to break the plastic parts - too much pressure when you twist them
  • Very strong blue LED on the side, people in the subway look at you :)
  • 5 sec is a very long time to hold the button to turn them On/Off

* Actually I bought 4 pairs of them, for 4 different people - and they all broke quickly.

All in all - good headphones with issues that the manufacturer can fix. I hope they will make another model, which will be a best seller for sure.


No more ads!

As of 7.Dec.2017 there will be no more ads on my blog.

For all these 7 years I earned ~75 Euro. Probably I have to pay taxes if I ever get them.
Actually the idea of my blog is to help others and share interesting things I have in mind.
It was never about the money, AdSense was just an experiment.

I personally use AdBlocker so I totally forgot there are ads on my blog :) :)


How to discover a website IP address, if public DNS cannot resolve it


I wanted to download some stuff from a web site, but the links were like u.to/xxxxxx .
u.to is an URL shortener which was available several months ago, and now I get:

I thought that the website u.to is still up, only DNS servers do not resolve it, because it has to be down for some reason. I also tried "Looking glass" websites to resolve the address, but they were of no use. The problem was not in my DNS, but global.

So the problem was - I had to find the IP address.

1 Step

Gather some more information for u.to using a whois service like www.whois.com
Here is what I got:

Obviously not much information. However you can see both primary DNS servers which were obliged to resolve u.to to its IP address.
ns2.uid.me & ns1.uid.me

2 Step

So I decided to ask them for the IP address using a website like http://www.kloth.net/services/nslookup.php
Here is the result:

The IP address was

3 Step

So lets hope the site is still working on this IP address.
I added it to my hosts file in "C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts"
(you need Administrator rights to do that!)

4 Step

Magic: the u.to/xxxxxx links work!!!


The Golden Apple fundraising

Some time ago I posted about an interesting project in my country - click here.

Since then a lot has been done. They made a short video with professional music and voices - Legend of the First Kuker Warrior. George Strezov is a master composer working also for Hollywood.

A lot of fans and positive feedback followed. They participated in several animation festivals and contests. After that big studios and televisions contacted them for future development, but the people from studio Zmei want to keep this an independant production.

Unfortunately they did not get any funding in Bulgaria, and they ask for your help in Indiegogo:

You can find even more info on their website:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goldenappleseries/
Shop: https://goldenappleseries.com/shop/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgc91Wf16Xdzc7wFli3_bQ