Sony VAIO VGN-SZ71XN/C with WIndows 7?

Got my hands on Sony VAIO VGN-SZ71XN/C with Vista preinstalled. It has very nice T9300 CPU (64bit arch) and 2GB RAM. So I decided to put Windows 7 64bit edition.
I was surprised :(
Actually Sony does not have support for Windows 7, drivers ...
It has only Vaio Update and some useless programs.

Windows 7 seems to detect every piece of hardware, but I found two problems.
It cannot detect the Add-on for SD cards, and works with standart VESA driver for the video card.
I downloaded the nVidia driver from the nVidia web site but it told me there is no
such hardware.....

I decided to try the Vista drivers. But they are all 32bit :(

Finally I installed Windows 7 32-bit and downloaded:
Memory Card Reader Writer Driver       and
Graphics Driver nVidia    
from here:
(Preinstalled Drivers and Utilities)

Now it works!
But its a shame I cannot run Windows 7 normally on such a wonderfull machine,
because Sony dropped it.
Now it runs 1080p with absolutely no problem!


How to make Winamp repeat one song

I am a big fan of winamp. I use it every day for more than 10 years. May be that is why I prefer the classic skin. I was always wondering how to make one song repeat itself. When I searched the web several times, the only solutions I found were:
1. change skin
2. leave that one song alone in the playlist

I don't want to do that!
After a lot of search I found the trick - simply right click the Repeat button - there is an option "Manually Advance Playlist". That means Winamp won't go to the next song until you click some song, and if the Repeat is also ON, the current song will repeat!

May be this option does not present in very old versions - I don't know. I decided to share it because I found it very difficult, and don't even remember where :(

So If you are like me - love to listen one song over and over - Enjoy!