How to make Winamp repeat one song

I am a big fan of winamp. I use it every day for more than 10 years. May be that is why I prefer the classic skin. I was always wondering how to make one song repeat itself. When I searched the web several times, the only solutions I found were:
1. change skin
2. leave that one song alone in the playlist

I don't want to do that!
After a lot of search I found the trick - simply right click the Repeat button - there is an option "Manually Advance Playlist". That means Winamp won't go to the next song until you click some song, and if the Repeat is also ON, the current song will repeat!

May be this option does not present in very old versions - I don't know. I decided to share it because I found it very difficult, and don't even remember where :(

So If you are like me - love to listen one song over and over - Enjoy!


  1. Thanks :) I was going to add a plugin, but it already exists in the native winamp.
    Sometimes you feel much better listening to the same masterpiece again and again :)
    Thanks again!

  2. Manual Playlist Advance ? Couldn't they just label it Repeat Track as every other player does ?

  3. Wow you are a legend... I've used this program equally long and never discovered this. It's like finding a hidden room in your house.

    Note the repeat playlist button has to be on as well. It's functionality changes.. if you tick it off and on you'll notice instead of Repeat: Playlist it now says Repeat: Track.

  4. Wow! I have been a happy Winamp user for almost 20 years, and recently I had been really missing the "repeat track" feature. Thank you for your post; now I don't have to install VLC!

  5. Wow! I stopped using WinAmp years ago, simply because I couldn't repeat a single track. Recently, I've started using my old WinAmp 2.95 again, and was determined to find a solution to this problem.
    Thanks for making it super easy for me to continue using an old favorite! :-)

  6. how do I stop the repeat on my android device