No Sound on MSI 945GZM3 with Windows 7 64bit

It seems the saga with the old MSI 945GZM3 mainboard and Windows 7 continues :)

First of all, MSI Live Update 5 does not detect that it needs to download sound driver !?
It is helpless this time.

If you try the driver from the MSI site - it installs with no errors, but yet you get no sound.
I tried older versions - no luck!

Install a driver from Realtek (mine was AC'97).

It is written "Audio Codecs", but it is a driver!
You can see your file on the very first row (Windows 7).

After you extract it, you have to load it manually. Open the device manager, and on the Yellow undefined "Multimedia" , right click and choose "Update Driver". Then choose the location where you have extracted the ZIP. Unfortunately I cannot post screens.



0xC000021a while installing Windows 7

I had and error 0xC000021a while installing Windows 7. I searched the web, but could not find the cause of this error. I tried various things, but what fixed it, was:

Upgrading the BIOS version on the MSI 945GZM3 mainboard!

I used http://www.msi.com/service/download/
and downloaded Live Update 5.

The computer already had Windows XP, and this tool has done everything automatically!

After the BIOS update, the PC issued the error "Bad CMOS checksum", but do not worry.
Just enter the BIOS with "DEL" key, check the settings, and Save!