Infinite garden solar lamp

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We all have seen many solar lamps. They can be really cheap, lets say down to 1$. For this money you cannot buy even a solar panel, NiMH battery or electronics from a hobby shop.
They have also the disadvantage that the battery is not feeling very happy with all this charge and discharge, not full cycles. And it quickly dies.
Most lamps don't give light all the night, because of many reasons - bad/old battery, small solar panel, awful electronics.
In the light of my prevoius article about supercapacitors, I thought - isn't it possible to use supercap instead of a battery, because it will last longer. Only the electronics should be slightly changed.

I searched the net, and it appears that a wise guy already did that. You can follow the process of developing the schematic of the lamp step by step with the videos below. He put a lot of efforts to make this product, practicaly it should last forever. It has better LED, very huge supercap - 350F, which can illuminate the LED more than the whole night, and a very very decent solar panel.
The electronics itself is a state of art, it is so small, that it is soldered to the supercapacitor.
Actualy it can charge even in cloudy weather. You can put it in any casing you like :)

Follow the development process:








You can support this project here:

The guy wants to make more decent price, by reaching 100 orders, and buying all the stuff with a discount. I wish him good luck, and I hope we will see lamps like this in the shops soon :)

I also found a company that produces supercapacitor garden lights. They look AMAZING!

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