Monitor FS Primergy R600 S4 hard disks

I have a FS Primergy R600 S4 with RHEL 5.3 on it.
It seems it has:
LSI1078 PCI-e SAS RAID controller with 512MB cache memory,
Description: LSI MegaRAID SAS 8708ELP

/I still don't get which is which/

I tried mpt-status, and followed this guy:

but finally I got :
octl: No such device


I found  MegaCli-8.07.10-1.noarch.rpm from

you can install it witch command:
rpm -ivh MegaCli-8.07.10-1.noarch.rpm

When you install it, the MegaCli command becomes availabale from

However this command has very complicated syntax. To simplify this, I downloaded a special script lsi.sh from: https://calomel.org/megacli_lsi_commands.html
Special thanks to whom created it!!
With its options you can easily check the status of your RAID, or even put it in a cron job.

                OBPG  .:.  lsi.sh $arg1 $arg2
    status        = Status of Virtual drives (volumes)
    drives        = Status of hard drives
    ident \$slot   = Blink light on drive (need slot number)
    good \$slot    = Simply makes the slot \"Unconfigured(good)\" (need slot number)
    replace \$slot = Replace \"Unconfigured(bad)\" drive (need slot number)
    progress      = Status of drive rebuild
    errors        = Show drive errors which are non-zero
    bat           = Battery health and capacity
    batrelearn    = Force BBU re-learn cycle
    logs          = Print card logs
    checkNemail   = Check volume(s) and send email on raid errors
    allinfo       = Print out all settings and information about the card
    settime       = Set the raid card's time to the current system time
    setdefaults   = Set preferred default settings for new raid setup

You need to set

# Full path to the MegaRaid CLI binary

to tell the script where is your MegaCli.
You may also need to set enclosure.

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