Blue screen with nvlddmkm.sys after Windows update Nvidia drivers to 335.23

My Windows 7 (32bit) update has recently put new drivers for Nvidia (335.23). After restarting the computer nvlddmkm.sys error/blue screen/kernel dump appears and it restarts again. "Shutting down" message appears.
My video card is Nvidia GT 220.

As far as I can see this new driver 335.23 cannot work with PAE mode enabled. I use PAE mode on my windows machine, to be able to work with all available 4GB RAM with my 32bit Windows.

I downloaded the drivers from Nvidia, and made a clean install, but it did not work again :(
Newer driver is not yet available :(

Solution N1: Rollback to the old driver. (According to Nvidia documents using Device Manager to rollback driver is not a good idea - see My solution)
Solution N2: Boot without PAE (if you can).

My solution: Downgrade to version 332.21. Just download it from NVIDIA web site, and choose advanced setup, with check "Perform clean install". Of course in SAFE MODE. You are not able to boot anyway. Here are some screens:

Update 05.01.2017
I installed 64-bit Windows 7, and won't follow this issue any more

Update 23.04.2016
Driver 341.95 - does NOT work!

Update 09.12.2015
Driver 341.81 - does NOT work!
Driver 341.92 - does NOT work!

Update 07.03.2015
Driver 341.44 - does NOT work!
Scrambled. I am surprised that there is a new driver!

Update 20.09.2014
The newly released driver 344.11 supports only graphic cards Series 400 and above. Does that mean Nvidia cut-off support for the older models? Unfortunately yes - http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3473
So in my case I have to stay with the stable driver or Install Windows 7 64bit.

Update 30.07.2014
Driver 340.52 - does NOT work!
Same as 337.88.

Update 01.07.2014
Driver 340.43 (beta) - does NOT work!
Same as 337.88.

Update 27.05.2014
Driver 337.88 - does NOT work!
It crashed in blue screen during installation, while trying to restore the resolution. I tried to run the installation again and it finished. But after the reboot it tried again to switch to native resolution, artefacts on screen appear, crashed again with BSOD. Works without PAE.Going back to 332.21, my precious...

Update 21.05.2014
I recieved an answer from Nvidia today. They were able to recreate the issue, but as I expected, developers refuse to work on that issue, because it is due to kernel patch, NOT supported by Microsoft. However they are working on a similar issue on Windows Server 2003, where PAE is enabled and supported by Microsoft. They hope that it will resolve my issue too. I will wait, test and post results here :)

Update 29.04.2014
Several weeks ago I contacted Nvidia with this issue. During this time they asked for a lot, a lot of information, which I provided. They were able to locate the issue, and developers are working on it. I will keep you informed, as they keep me informed!
Very special thanks to Nvidia Support Team and nameley - Ray!

Further notices, first tries to fix it:
1. The famous youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrOKlh9fC9g
made the problem worse - Windows loops on "Shutting down" screen, and does not restart or issue kernel dump.
2. On 07.Apr.2014 , version 337.50 beta was released - did NOT solve the problem.
3. Downgraded to version 334.89 - did NOT solve the problem