Groov-e motion headphones - my expirience

It was not easy to find behind the year Bluetooth headphones. I could not find many models, and finally bought these.

They are very good headphones, very nice sound quality, comfortable and easy to use, very compact. The biggest problem however is that they are very easy to break - survived only a few weeks. I tried to use hot glue on them and it did its job, for a very long time, and they were even more comfortable.

Finally they broke again and I think this time a wire is damaged. So my advice - if you have them - strengthen them somehow, before they break. I would sand the plastic parts, clean them, and apply hot glue. Then paint it black if possible.

Here is my short list of pros and cons:


  • Very nice sound quality
  • Compact, easy to fold
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to use - one big button to play/pause, and a small lever for next/prev song and volume
  • Long battery life - I charged them every Friday, never run out of juice (~1h/day use)
  • ~Reasonable price
  • Very nice packaging

  • Easy to break the plastic parts - too much pressure when you twist them
  • Very strong blue LED on the side, people in the subway look at you :)
  • 5 sec is a very long time to hold the button to turn them On/Off

* Actually I bought 4 pairs of them, for 4 different people - and they all broke quickly.

All in all - good headphones with issues that the manufacturer can fix. I hope they will make another model, which will be a best seller for sure.

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  1. wow these looking so amazing but really i am looking for something that i can take while i am running and also good for sound and design. i heave heard about top rated brand bone conduction headphones reviews that its good and more reliable